How To Check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number?

We Discover hassle-free ways by which you can quickly check your MEPCO electric bill online without a reference number. MEPCO, a leading electricity provider in Pakistan, serves millions of consumers in 13 regions. To improve the user’s comfort, MEPCO offers multiple technologies online for the consultation of bills.

Get Your Mepco Bill Without Reference Number

Explore these easy steps to get your electric bill quickly:

Check Mepco Bill By SMS:

You can check your MEPCO Bills Online by SMS. MEPCO enables customers to check their bills through a quick SMS to 46040. In this method, you don’t need the reference number but must have your meter or connection number and the last meter reading date. Follow these steps:

  1. Know your STMT, Meter number, and the previous Meter Reading Date.
  2. Type an SMS: “MEPB [STMT Number] [Meter Number] [Meter Reading Date]”
  3. Please send it to 46040 (standard charges may apply).
  4. You will receive a message with your latest MEPCO bill amount and payment status.

View Mepco Electric Bill Meter Number:

Check your Mepco bill with only the meter number. Each connection has a unique meter number, so you can easily access your WAPDA electric bill online. Visit the MEPCO website and enter your meter number to get a duplicate bill. Please note that some variations may appear due to connection or information errors.

Check MEPCO Bill Via Consumer ID:

This is the best way to check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number Via Consumer ID. MEPCO recently introduced an efficient system to check energy bills using your consumer ID. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WEBSITE
  2. Select the Customer/Consumer ID Checkbox.
  3. Add your 10-digit consumer ID number (found below the ‘Connection Date’ column on your previous bill).
  4. Hit generate to view the latest bill copy on your mobile or laptop screen.

Access Your Bill Using Mepco account:

Electricity Bill Check Without a Reference Number Using MEPCO Account Access your MEPCO account by registering on the company’s website. Follow these steps to view your duplicate electric bill:

  1. Login to your MEPCO account using your Email ID and Password.
  2. Add your customer number along with the address.
  3. Click the ‘submit’ button to access your duplicate electric bill online.

MEPCO Email Service

The email bill service provided by MEPCO is a feature where you can subscribe to monthly billing by providing your email address and reference number and receive your bill via the included email before your payment date.

Final Words:

With these user-friendly methods, checking your MEPCO electricity bill without the reference number is now very easy. But I recommend you check your bill with the reference number and consumer id. You can contact the MEPCO helpline for further assistance or queries. 

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