Mepco Electricity bill Taxes in Pakistan

Mepco bill include Multiple Taxes which have to paid by the consumer. In this article we will discuss what are these taxes and it’s Rates.

Following are the Taxes:

  • FC Surcharge
  • GST
  • TV Fee
  • Radio Fee
  • Fuel Price Adjustment
  • Electricity Duty

FC Surcharge

FC surcharge means Financing cost surcharge. Mepco charge Rs. 0.43 per unit in the electricity bills to secure collection of debt servicing of the Power Holding Private Limited.

FC surcharge= 0.43 x Units consumed

Fuel Price Adjustment

The FPA price in the mepco bill is related to the cost of fuel for rental power companies that produce electricity from crude oil and other sources.

When fuel prices fluctuate, you can see this amount on your electricity bill.


This is quarterly tariff adjustment amount. You may see this amount in your bill after every 3 months.

QTR = 0.47 x Units Consumed

TV fee

Tv Fee is Always 35 Rupees.

Radio fee

Radio fee is always 15 Rupees.

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