Tips to reduce your electricity bill in Pakistan

Have you been shocked when you checked your latest electricity bill? If not, then check your bill and try to be surprised.

Check out these genuine tips to lower your electricity bill.

Reduce electricity consumption in Peak hours.

Mepco advises customers to reduce their electricity use during peak times, which will lower their monthly bills and help maintain a steady electricity supply throughout the area.
The MEPCO peak hours are as follows:
5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Use LED lights/Bulb

If you use energy savers and Old Tube lights, try replacing them with led bulbs. Led bulbs consume less electricity and are more efficient than normal ones.

Install Solar system

Install Solar panels to reduce Electricity bills. The one-time cost will give you benefits throughout your life.
This is the best way to minimize your electricity expenses.
Solar energy is today’s most cheap and green energy.

Upgrade your home appliances.

And upgrade your old devices with a new Dc inverter refrigerator and Air conditioner. Dc inverters consume 58% less energy than regular appliances.

Besides this, the new technology uses a Variable frequency drive to control compressor speed.

Upgrade your UPS batteries

When batteries get old, try to change them on time.

Because discharging time decreases with passing the time and charging time increases continuously, leading to high electricity consumption. And more bills.

Old and lousy electricity Wiring 

Use wires according to the Load of electronics. Use robust wires for heavy appliances like Air conditioners, Iron and water pump.

Turn off excessive lights.

One of the most significant contributors to high electricity costs is people needlessly wasting electricity inside their homes.

To counter this, consider using motion-sensing lights inside your home that automatically turn off after long periods of no movement.

Use curtains and blinds for your apartment.

Shades and blinds are often thought of as heat-keeping tools, but in the winter, they can be just as effective in helping to keep your home warm.
This is done naturally since the sunlight that enters our houses through the windows causes the interior to heat up.
Curtains and blinds can help minimize that heat since lighter-coloured varieties can reflect sunlight and promote cooler temperatures.

This helps maintain the temperature so you don’t have to use as much electrical energy to chill your apartment.

Carpets and rugs

Floor coverings have more utility than just aesthetic appeal, as they can produce excellent results in insulating your home.

Use rugs and rugs to help insulate floors and contain heat.

Place rugs in front of sofas, chairs, and areas with frequent barefoot traffic.

Thick rugs are the best at keeping you warm, but even thin rugs can make a big difference in the temperature you feel in your home.


Try out these genuine hacks to reduce your electricity consumption. I am using these tips in my life. You will be shocked to see fantastic results. Share these hacks with your friends who are worried about increasing electricity unit prices day by day.

I suggest you watch out for your consumed units and get estimated bill to make a comparison after trying my hacks.

Thank you.

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