FESCO online bill check – [July 2024] View duplicate bills

You can check your Fesco Electricity(bijli) Bill online on this website. This free website lets you quickly check and download your recent FESCO bill.

You can see your FESCO Wapda bill online by Reference number or consumer ID. Enter your reference number or consumer ID in the box below to view the Fesco bill fast.

Check FESCO Bill

What Is A Reference Number and Consumer ID?

The Reference Number is 14-digit ID Highlighted below on the left side of your Fesco electricity bill.

The Consumer ID is a 10-digit number, and you can see this number above the reference number on your electric bill.


FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. It is an electric distribution company in Pakistan responsible for supplying electricity to the Faisalabad region. FESCO operates under the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) jurisdiction and is one of the distribution companies in Pakistan.

FESCO plays a crucial role in distributing and supplying electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers in its designated service area. The company manages the distribution network, ensures reliable power supply, and bills consumers for their electricity.

Responsibilities of FESCO include:

Power Distribution:

FESCO distributes electricity from the national grid to consumers in its service area. This involves managing a network of substations, transformers, and distribution lines.

Metering and Billing: 

FESCO is in charge of installing electricity meters at consumers’ premises, measuring their electricity consumption, and generating bills based on usage. Consumers are billed periodically for the electricity they consume.

Infrastructure Maintenance: 

The company is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of its electrical infrastructure, including substations, transformers, and distribution lines. This ensures the reliability and safety of the power supply.

It’s important to note that FESCO is just one of several distribution companies in Pakistan, each serving a specific geographic area. The establishment of DISCOs is part of the overall structure of the power sector in the country, which includes generation, transmission, and distribution entities to ensure efficient and reliable electricity supply.

Areas Under Fesco

T.T SinghChiniot districts

Which Taxes are included in the FESCO Electricity Bill?

  • FC Surcharge
  • GST
  • TV Fee
  • Fuel Price Adjustment
  • Electricity Duty

How To Check FESCO Bill Online?

Here are steps to check the FESCO bill online:

  1. Enter a 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID in the box above.
  2. Now you will see the latest bill amount with the due date.

FESCO Helpline:

In case of any queries, complaints, or emergencies, please do not hesitate to contact at the helpline numbers provided below.

Phone: +92 (41) 9220184-9220229.

UAN No. 080066554.

Fax: +92 (41) 9220233.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about FESCO Bills

What is FESCO?

FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, an electric distribution company responsible for supplying electricity to the Faisalabad region in Pakistan.

How can I pay my FESCO bill?

FESCO bills can be paid through various methods, including online banking, mobile banking apps, authorized bank branches, and designated FESCO offices.

Can I pay my FESCO bill online?

Yes, FESCO provides online payment options through its official website. Users can log in, enter their billing information, and make payments using credit/debit cards or online banking.

What information is required to check my FESCO online bill?

To check your FESCO bill online, you typically need the 14-digit reference number mentioned on the bill. This number is essential for accessing your billing details on the FESCO website.

How often are FESCO bills issued?

FESCO bills are generally issued every month. However, checking the bill for the specific billing period and due date is essential, as these may vary.

What should I do if I haven’t received my FESCO bill?

If you haven’t received your FESCO bill, you can check your bill online by visiting the official FESCO website. Additionally, you can contact FESCO’s customer service for assistance and information about your outstanding amount.

Can I dispute or inquire about a charge on my FESCO bill?

Yes, if you have concerns or questions about the charges on your FESCO bill. In that case, you can contact FESCO’s customer service to inquire about the details and, if necessary, dispute any discrepancies.

What happens if I don’t pay my FESCO bill on time?

Failure to pay your FESCO bill on time may result in late payment charges or disconnection of electricity services. It’s crucial to adhere to the due dates mentioned on the bill to avoid any inconvenience.

Is there a way to receive my FESCO bill electronically?

Yes, FESCO offers electronic billing options, allowing customers to receive their bills via email. You can opt for this service by contacting FESCO’s customer service or through the online portal.

How can I report a power outage to FESCO?

To report a power outage, customers can contact FESCO’s helpline or use online platforms provided by FESCO to submit outage reports. Providing accurate information about the location and nature of the issue will help expedite the resolution process.