QESCO Bill Online – Check QASCO Duplicate bill (2024)

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Check your FESCO Electricity(bijli) Bill online. This free website lets you quickly check and download your recent QESCO bill.
You can see your QESCO online bill by Reference number or consumer ID.


QESCO stands for Quetta Electric Supply Company. It’s the organization responsible for supplying electricity to the city of Quetta Pakistan and its surrounding areas.

QESCO plays an important role in our daily lives by providing us with the electricity we need to power our homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. Without QESCO, we wouldn’t have lights, fans, appliances, or the ability to charge our devices. They work tirelessly to ensure that electricity is available whenever we need it, keeping our lives running smoothly.

Areas Under QESCO

QESCO is responsible for distributing electricity throughout the province of Balochistan, with the exception of Lasbela District.